Odd celeb that left Creasey starstruck

Creasey opened up about the celebrity encounter during a chat with news.com.au to celebrate his one-year anniversary as part of Nova’s national drive show, Kate, Tim and Joel.Creasey explained that the celeb in question was invited into the studio to take part in one of the show’s most popular segments, Quick Draw.So who was it? Bizarrely, it was former Liberal Party politician Christopher Pyne.“We were obsessed with a viral clip of Christopher Pyne saying, ‘Hi, Latika!’” Creasey told news.com.au. “So he did it for us in person and I was actually starstruck. It was like hearing Beyonce sing Single Ladies in person.”What he’s learned about radio in 12 monthsThere was a lot of pressure on Creasey when he joined the top-rating Nova show last year after longtime co-host Marty Sheargold left.But the comedian has proved any doubters wrong and has helped the show maintain its number one spot in the FM ratings.When asked what he’s learned about radio in the past 12 months, Creasey said: “That every day is a brand new show. Every day I feel like I say something stupid or incorrect but the beauty of doing this show day in, day out is that you have the next day to fix your mistakes.“People were very upset that I was wishing Pink a happy 40th birthday on Tuesday and they were quick to let me know I was wrong,” Creasey recalled. “So on Wednesday I righted that, it turns out she’s 43.”(He was wrong again … Pink is actually 42.)Joel Creasey spill on his co-hosts’ bad habitsCreasey hosts the Nova drive show alongside Tim Blackwell (who has just notched up an incredible 20 years with Nova) and former Home And Away star Kate Ritchie.And when asked what his co-hosts’ worst habits are, Creasey didn’t hesitate: The fact they don’t always listen to him.“The other day I was in the middle of a story,” he recalled. “Now, we’re in different studios at the moment (Creasey is in Melbourne and the other two are in Sydney) and everyone’s concentration span at the moment is a little bit limited given they’re both homeschooling their kids, BUT, I was halfway through a story and that’s when I realised Tim was lining up the next song and Kate was reading a magazine. “We were live on air,” Creasey laughed. “I was like, ‘Wow guys, clearly you are LOVING this story about ghosts that I’m telling you.’”How Joel wants to celebrate his one-year anniversaryToday marks one-year to the day that Creasey made his debut on Kate, Tim and Joel, and he wanted to celebrate the milestone with a unique party theme.“I did pitch a Melissa McCarthy-themed party because I’m the only member of the team that adores Melissa McCarthy,” he told news.com.au. “I guess I’ll find out today if my wish came true and everyone’s dressed up as various Melissa McCarthy characters,” he laughed.Kate, Tim & Joel can be heard from 3pm to 6pm weekdays on the Nova Network

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