Former radio host’s surprise run for politics

Cooke said he intended to make a difference in the community by standing as a member of The Sensible Centre party.“If you don’t strictly identify as a leftie or a conservative, if you want to see everyone in this country do well — not just those in government, big business, big media — I’m confident that this party and many of its policies will make sense to you and I’d be honoured to represent you in Canberra,’’ Cooke said.“Politics is really broken now. It’s just a blame game between two very polarised groups, right and left. I’ve always found that the best ideas lie somewhere in the middle, where you can learn from people on either side.”The Sensible Centre party claims it wants to fix politics by representing the 80 per cent of voters who exist outside the extremes of the political “left” and “right”.The former FOX FM Breakfast co-host turned podcaster also announced his plans on his podcast, The Byron Cooke Show.He was part of the Fifi, Fev and Byron breakfast show for five years, alongside Fifi Box and Brendan Fevola.“I will read everything and I will make the right decision based on what I believe the unrepresented — people who’ve never even thought about what a senator does — I want to be that person that can answer a DM on Instagram,’’ he said. “Imagine ‘oh, my mate Byron is in the Senate, I’ll shoot him a message. I don’t think this should be passed. I don’t like the look of this Bill. I might let him know’.“I want to be contactable. I can read. I’ve got common sense. I am all ears. I don’t have one predisposed position politically. “I’m not a lefty, I’m not a conservative, I’ve been a swinging voter my whole life, despite the best efforts of my father to make me vote Liberal. I’ve been all over the map, based on whatever’s going on, whatever I’m passionate about at the time, particular issues. So I am right there. I’m in the middle.”Cooke will run in the federal election, which will likely be held before May next year.

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