Top cop’s blunt warning to unvaccinated

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller warned police would be patrolling Greater Sydney and NSW ready to reprimand rule breakers who are not double-dosed.“I would ask that the premises owner or the person behind the counter call the police and make sure the police force respond to those calls. It’s a $1000 fine to those calls,” Mr Fuller told Sunrise on Monday.“It’s a $1000 fine to be out unvaccinated in that type of new environment. We will be issuing fines.”Sydneysiders were given an extensive range of new freedoms on Monday, but most of the new rules only apply to fully vaccinated NSW residents. Double-dosed residents are now able to visit cafes, restaurants, pubs, entertainment venues, gyms, sports stadiums, hairdressers and other people’s homes.NSW residents who are over 16 and are unvaccinated or single-dosed will continue to be banned from these venues.Mr Fuller said while police officers were unlikely to stop people on the street and demand to see evidence of their vaccination status, business owners would be working with authorities to catch any rule breakers.“If people think that we are not enforcing the health orders this week, they are mistaken. We want to be out there, particularly to help those small shops – the pubs, clubs and shopping centres,” he said.The police chief told the Today show that business owners and police officers both had full authority to check for proof of vaccination. “Through the health orders in NSW, the police have the power to demand that people show their vaccination passport and you can download that through your Medicare app or you can print that off,” he said. “Police do have the powers as do business owners have the power to demand people show their vaccination passport.”Unvaccinated and single-dosed residents will also face restrictions on attending weddings, funerals and other gatherings.Children under 16 and people who carry certification outlining they cannot be fully vaccinated for medical reasons are the only groups exempt from these rules.The full list of restrictions for different levels of vaccination can be viewed on the NSW government website.

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