PowerToys 0.47.1 Ships Today with FancyZones Hotfixes and More

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Microsoft’s PowerToys team has dropped a patch release to fix a few bugs to improve stability. PowerToys 0.47.1 brings fixes for 2 bugs in FancyZones on layout resetting, 2 quality of life improvements, and more. “This is a patch release to fix issues in v0.47.0 we deemed important for stability based on user feedback,” the team wrote.

PowerToys 0.47.1 patches

  • #13516 – [Shortcut Guide] After releasing Win key, the start menu pops up
  • #13517 – [PowerToys Run] Not working with Win + Space combo
  • #13536 – [PowerToys Run] Not working with Shift + CapsLock combo
  • #13585 – [FancyZones] Shortcuts not changing layout
  • #13211 – [FancyZones] Auto-resizing windows breaks with certain applications
  • #13625 – [FancyZones] Layouts not being remembered after computer locks

PowerToys 0.47 introduced several optimizations, installer updates, general bug fixes, and accessibility improvements. Some of its improvements and fixes include the following:


  • Fixed issue with new updates changing the PowerToys install location.
  • Fixed settings with NumberBox elements overlapping the delete button.
  • Fixed issue with the bug report tool not generating .zip files.
  • Updated the shortcut configuration experience in Settings.
  • Fixed inconsistent width of sidebar icons.
  • Fixed sidebar UI not scaling for longer text strings in certain localizations.
  • Fixed issue with settings not displaying invalid keystroke assignments.
  • Added user defined shortcuts when set to the “Welcome to PowerToys” instead of the default shortcuts.

Color Picker

  • Accessibility issues addressed.
  • Added CIELAB and CIEXYZ color formats.
  • Fixed bug where changing RGB values manually doesn’t automatically update the color displayed.


  • Fixed regression where restarting computer resets user defined layouts to the default selection.
  • Fixed issues with Grid layout editor not showing the “Save” and “Cancel” buttons.
  • Fixed accessibility issue where users could not add or merge zones using the keyboard.
  • Added a flyout describe the prerequisites for the “Allow zones to span across monitors” option.
  • Fixed various crashing bugs.

File Explorer add-ons

  • Added PDF preview and thumbnail provider for Windows Explorer.

For the complete release notes of PowerToys 0.47, head over to GitHub.

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