‘Really p***ed off’: Fury at alleged jab exemption chasers

At least four carloads of police were sent to the General Practice of Dr Denes Borsos in the Colac suburb of Elliminyt on Wednesday afternoon, where witnesses claim up to 100 people had travelled for Covid-19 vaccine exemptions.“Police received reports of a large number of people gathering outside the clinic for vaccination exemptions,” Victoria Police Acting Sergeant Melissa Seach said on Wednesday afternoon. “The crowd was dispersed without incident.”“Police are investigating if anyone in attendance breached the chief health officer’s direction.“Travelling from metropolitan Melbourne into regional Victoria for the purpose of obtaining a vaccination exemption is not a valid reason under the chief health officer’s directions.“Department of Health are the relevant body that would investigate health practice related matters.”A booking website for Dr Borsos on Wednesday included the all-capitalised note “SORRY!!! NO MORE JAB EXEMPTIONS, HELP YOURSELVES THE BEST YOU CAN :(“A patient at Dr Borsos’ practice on Wednesday afternoon – who asked to remain anonymous – said they arrived to find cars parked for hundreds of metres on both sides of the road, and a line of people stretching from the practice doors to the street.“There were just cars and people everywhere,” the patient said. “I was looking around the waiting room thinking ‘what the hell is going on’ and said to the lady behind me ‘I’m going to ask a stupid question, what’s going on?’ and she said ‘we’re here for the Covid’.”“I thought they were there to get vaccinated.“Sitting in the room, no one had a mask on. There were at least 20 in the room, and I couldn’t tell you how many were outside, they were down the huge driveway right out to the road, lined up. There were probably about a hundred people there.”Dr Boros did not respond to attempts to contact him on Wednesday.“I’m really, really p***ed off,” the patient said. “I’ve done the right thing for 18 months and I sat in a room with people who don’t give a sh*t”“These weren’t local people either, they’ve come from god knows where, as far as Melbourne I heard one person say.”

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