The Beatles unveil unseen footage in new Get Back trailer

The first trailer for Disney’s original docuseries The Beatles: Get Back has arrived.

Created by Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson, the series uses 50-year-old footage from the group’s swan-song Let it Be to present a new narrative to the iconic band’s end.

The unseen footage turns the original idea for the film and album into a three-part series, documenting the band’s journey to create an album from scratch in two weeks.

The trailer released on Thursday shows the group in a cheerful light, writing and recording songs quickly in the lead-up to a concert — The Beatles’ first live performance in three years.

“This resulted in over 57 hours of the most intimate footage ever shot of the band,” the trailer says.

The four-minute trailer depicts The Beatles in a reality TV-style program as they race against the clock to finish the album, growing increasingly anxious as deadlines pass.

It follows The Beatles as they plan to film a concert in January 1969 of the new songs for a TV and documentary.

“We are talking about 14 songs we hope to get (done),” John Lennon says in the trailer.

“How many have we recorded [that are] good enough?” Paul McCartney says.

“None,” Lennon responds.

The documentary series also touches on the eventual break up of The Beatles, with McCartney foreshadowing the “comical” split and George Harrison walking out on the band on January 10.

“It’s going to be such a comical thing in 50 years time … they broke up because Yoko sat on an amp,” McCartney says in the trailer.

The Beatles: Get Back will debut on Disney+ on November 25.

The retrospective campaign of The Beatles comes in conjunction with a reissue of the 1970s Let It Be album on October 15, as a belated 50th-anniversary edition.

Get Back is also available as a book, comprising of transcriptions of conversations during the making of the album and film.

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