Life after prison drama: TV star reveals what’s next

Having moved back to Melbourne in 2015 after a four-year stint in Los Angeles, Bernard has been hard at work, but off-set, he is ready for an even tougher challenge. “We’ve just bought our first house. It’s the first thing I have owned aside from my guitars, so I am ready to get the tool belt and gloves on and have a crack,” he says.The original 1960s yellow brick home in Melbourne’s eastern suburbs features a pink 1980s remodelled spa bathtub, (which Bernard is eager to rip out) and a kitchen that ‘needs work’. Having viewed the property via Zoom and bought during a lockdown online auction, Bernard and his family fell in love with the home that has a pool and backs on to a nature reserve. Even better, it sits at the end of cul-de-sac, off from another no through road. “There is absolutely no traffic. The kids will love it,” he says.“Ten years ago I never would have imagined you’d have to spend over $1 million to buy something in suburbia. It’s not perfect, but I am good with tools and hard labour. I reckon the plan is to put in normal flat pack stuff, but then go high end with the hardware. I’m excited for our little family.” AT HOME WITH ACTOR BERNARD CURRYWho: Actor Bernard CurryWhere: 1960s home in Melbourne with wife Sonya and sons Fox, 11 and Banjo, nine. Favourite item: One in Five is a charity I helped set up. We raise money by selling Hope T-shirts to fund research into how brain cells work on a molecular level in regards to conditions such as bipolar disorder. We want a cure rather than more meds.Inspiration: Mid-CenturyHome is: Home means to me what it used to mean as a child — family. BERNARD CURRY’S FAVOURITE THINGSRemote control car I doubled the voltage with new batteries and it now goes up to 60km. In lockdown the golf course was closed so we took it there. It flies around sand traps and is great on jumps. GuitarI have played in various bands and written music since I was 18. I am never far from a guitar, and I have quite a few. Friends call me a ‘walking jukebox’ because I can pull out the guitar around a campfire and sing anything from Jeff Buckley to Crowded House. Digital SLR camera I took the plunge and bought this camera. It’s perfect for me to put down an audition on self-tape and send it anywhere from Sydney to the US or London. It’s been great in lockdown.Cooking knifeThis was a present from Sonya a few years ago and it’s my go-to knife. I do a lot of the cooking and having a good quality sharp knife is imperative. I’ve done a lot of cooking in lockdown and my kids love my hybrid meals. Their favourite is my pink fish pasta, which is salmon with sauce made up of garlic, lemon zest, dill, mustard and Parmesan. Omega timepieceI gifted this to myself when I got the role in Home And Away about 15 years ago. My character was a scuba diver, so I bought a watch my character could wear. Since then, I’ve worn it on Wentworth with a rubber wristband. I always tell the costume people, ‘I just don’t take it off’.Australian and USA passportsIf you have a Green Card for more than five years you can apply for citizenship in the States. It’s nice to have both passports, especially for work. Coffee machine I bought a vacuum cleaner for Sonya, but didn’t think it was smart to bring home a cleaning appliance for my wife. So I bought this coffee machine too. I have now become the barista in the family. Tool kitThis is tradie-grade. I went with my brother, who is a builder, to drop a jacuzzi into our family’s beach house. We’re also going to build a new house on a bush block my parents have.

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