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Video captures Melania Trump turning away and rolling her eyes immediately after smiling next to husband Donald Trump at World Series game

Melania and Donald Trump
Melania and Donald Trump

  • Melania Trump attended a World Series baseball game with husband Donald on Saturday.
  • Cameras caught the moment she went from smiling with her husband to turning away and rolling her eyes.
  • Twitter also caught the moment and began discussing it on the platform.

Melania Trump strikes again.

Saturday, the former First Lady attended a World Series baseball game alongside husband Donald Trump and, as the Atlanta Braves faced the Houston Astros, Melania, at one moment, was seen smiling alongside the former president before, within a split second, turning away, dropping her smiling and rolling her eyes.

People took to Twitter to discuss the moment as another example of Melania showing seeming disinterest in her husband. She’s previously been seen slapping away her husband’s hand, ripping her hand away from his, and walking away from him during photo ops. Saturday, of course, was no different.

“Who else gets the feeling that Melania can’t stand the sight of her husband,” former Obama campaign chair Jon Cooper tweeted.

“Melania despises him as much as decent people do,” author John Pavlovitz said.

Another said her performance comes right on time for Halloween. Her “costume tonight is ‘Loving wife who totally isn’t fed up with this rotting corpse. Perfect fit,” author Majid M Padellan wrote.

This is her first public appearance since April, the Daily Mail reports. The couple relocated to Palm Beach, Florida earlier this year after Trump lost his presidential bid for reelection to Joe Biden. Donald Trump recently launched a new social media app and the possibility of a 2024 presidential run is still in the cards.

Meanwhile, reports have surfaced of Melania being “bitter and chilly” toward her husband, while also “happy and relaxed” in life post-White House. She is often spotted at the spa, sometimes even twice a day, Insider previously reported.

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