Netflix’s unprecedented disclosures

The streaming company – and its competitors – is notoriously unforthcoming about how many subscribers watched its titles. That changes this week.Netflix has set up a new website which outlines its most watched 10 English and non-English language movies and TV shows, separated into four lists. The lists will be updated every Tuesday.The streamer has also changed the metric by which it measures most-watched, shifting from its much-maligned previous methodology which counted an account as having watched a title if they made it past two minutes of a movie or the first episode of a series.Netflix will instead rank its lists by the number of minutes watched per title. While it’s an imperfect system – because it puts at a disadvantage comedy series which tend to have shorter episodes – it’s a vast improvement on watched-two-minutes.The new lists don’t differentiate between Netflix original programming and titles that have been licensed or acquired.For the week ending November 14, the most popular movies and TV shows in the world on Netflix were:TV (English):Narcos: Mexico S3 – 50.29 million hoursArcane S1 – 34.17 million hoursYou S3 – 33.72 million hoursMaid – 29.4 million hoursBig Mouth S5 – 25.39 million hoursDynasty S4 – 21.02 million hoursLocke & Key S2 – 18.77 million hoursNarcos: Mexico S1 – 15.57 million hoursYou S2 – 15.52 million hoursYou S1 – 14.57 million hoursMovies (English):Red Notice – 148.72 million hoursLove Hard – 58.56 million hoursThe Harder They Fall – 33.06 million hoursArmy of Thieves – 20.56 million hoursFather Christmas is Back – 13.78 million hours211 – 7.90 million hoursArmy of the Dead – 7.62 million hoursPassing – 7.49 million hoursTransformers: The Last Knight – 6.92 million hoursJumanji: The Next Level – 6.76 million hoursTV (Non-English):Squid Game S1 – 42.79 million hoursThe King’s Affection S1 – 14.12 million hoursHometown Cha-Cha-Cha S1 – 13.82 million hoursCarinha de Anjo S1 – 13.66 million hoursMy Name S1 – 10.82 million hoursWhere is Marta? – 8.64 million hoursThe Five Juanas S1 – 8.49 million hoursThe Club Part 1 – 7.86 million hoursYo soy Betty, la fea S1 – 7.65 million hoursDemon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba: Tanjiro Kamado, Unwavering Resolve Arc – 6.06 million hoursFilms (Non-English):Yara – 17.95 million hours7 Prisoners – 9.69 million hoursThe Claus Family – 4.44 million hoursMeenakshi Sundareshwar – 4.41 million hoursThe Forgotten Battle – 2.63 million hoursStuck Together – 2.61 million hoursLords of Scam – 2.12 million hoursFierce – 1.80 million hoursDer Fall Collini – 1.59 million hoursDoctor (Tamil) – 1.43 million hoursAn update of its most watched TV and films ever (based on hours watched in the first 28 days after release) revealed Squid Game has significantly overtaken Bridgerton, the previous topper. Squid Game clocked in 1.65 billion hours, more than double Bridgerton’s 625 million.“Figuring out how best to measure success in streaming is hard, and there’s no one perfect metric,” Netflix vice president of content strategy, planning and analysis Pablo Perez de Rosso said in a blog post.“Having looked at the different options, we believe engagement, as measured by hours viewed, is a strong indicator of a title’s popularity, as well as overall member satisfaction, which is important for retention in subscription services.”Netflix’s metric is currently not third-party verified, but the company has contracted EY to do an external audit with a report to be published in 2022.Share your TV and movies obsessions | @wenleima

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