‘Shameful’: Adele slammed in brutal rant

In a brutal column for Daily Mail, the former Good Morning Britain host called Adele, 33, “shameful and hypocritical” given her past legal battles to protect her son Angelo’s privacy.The outspoken Meghan Markle critic also compared her latest move to that of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, going on to call her out for baring all in a recent chat with Oprah Winfrey.Angelo, whose voice is featured in the track My Little Love, is the son Adele shares with ex-husband Simon Konecki. The singer has confirmed her new album, 30, was written in the wake of her split from Konecki in 2019. Sharing his latest column on Twitter this week, Morgan wrote: “Sorry Adele, you’re a great singer but sharing your son’s divorce pain to flog your album is shameful & hypocritical.”Within the piece, he writes: “It’s one thing to flog one’s own privacy in such a shamelessly two-faced fashion, but quite another to flog your child’s, too,” calling Adele’s behaviour “straight from the Meghan and Harry playbook, right down to invading her own privacy to America’s foremost TV therapist, Oprah Winfrey”.Referencing Adele’s single My Little Love, Morgan went on to blast the inclusion of voice recordings from “incredibly intimate conversations with her son in which he tries to stop her crying during as her short-lived marriage unravels”.Included in the lyrics are snippets of Adele tearfully apologising to her son over her divorce and asking him to tell her he loves her. He’s heard saying: “I love you, one million per cent. I feel like you like me too.”Morgan writes: “This is the same Adele who went to court to protect her son’s privacy when he was just one, winning him a substantial five-figure sum in damages over paparazzi photographs that Angelo was too young to know had even been taken.“But how does Adele’s determined battle to seek privacy for her son sit with her now using him in such a shameless way to flog her album?”He went on: “In an interview this week, Adele admitted that when he’s older, she knows Angelo ’will be furious’ with her for up-ending his life.“She means by divorcing his dad.“But has she given a moment’s thought to how Angelo might feel when he grows up to have had his agonising conversations with his sobbing mum about her decision to dump his dad broadcast to the world?”The columnist added that he “likes” Adele and even intends to buy her new album, calling her a “gutsy, honest young woman with a brilliant voice” but claimed she’s “crossed a line by exposing her young son’s innermost feelings to public scrutiny in such a soul-baring, intimate way”.“And worse, she’s done it for attention, money, and sales.“Sorry, Adele – but I find that shameful, and given all your pleas for privacy, horribly hypocritical,” he concludes.Adele’s split from Konecki, who she was with for seven years and wed in 2011, first came to light in April 2019.Speaking to Rolling Stone, the singer clarified that Simon “was a great husband” and “is still one of her best friends”. In September, the music megastar confirmed her relationship with US sports agent Rich Paul, 39, who she “met on a dance floor at a mutual friend’s birthday party years ago”.

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