Kylie hardest hit in Brown clan Covid drama

Jonathan and their son Jack got their results on Saturday, while Kylie and their daughter Olivia received theirs on Monday.“Unfortunately Olivia and I tested positive for the spicy flu on Monday the 22nd after we were having a good chat on insta,’’ she wrote.“Olivia has been dizzy, nauseous and had a back ache for two days but is now all better. Just a blocked nose.“Macy the little weapon is still negative and her quarantine period ends tomorrow but I will keep her at home until Monday and do a few rapid tests just to be extra cautious. Which we don’t need to do but for piece (sic) of mind we will.“I have been hit the hardest in our family. Right now I am just sleeping, hydrating and keeping up with checks and talking (to) the care path way team each day.“Sitting out in the sun was really nice yesterday. I’m hoping to get out there again soon. “I am extremely grateful to be vaccinated as this could’ve been a very different story. This is a scary virus and there are so many different symptoms and severity. “Today has been a rough day but hopefully I will turn the corner tomorrow.“Thanks again to all my friends and our little community. You are the best.”Jonathan Brown’s radio co-host Chrissie Swan also tested positive on Wednesday and said she was staying in an airbnb to isolate from her children.Jonathan Brown revealed on his podcast that he was responsible for Kylie’s suffering.“The problem is I’ve brought poor old Kyles down, as well,” Brown told Browny’s Podcast on Wednesday.“Think she’s now suffering. For a while there it was just me and little Jack Brown, my eight year-old son, that had it.“The three girls, it hadn’t rocked their world yet but now Olivia and Kylie have gone down.“Little Macy, can you believe it, the youngest of the family, the seven year-old, the little wonder woman, she has one more negative test and she’s free as a bird, she’s back to school with her mates.”Brown said he had gone to a friend’s 40th birthday prior to feeling unwell last week.“Whoever decided finger food was a good idea after we’ve been through the worst pandemic in 100 years … for me to not actually think about it at the time when I was ripping into my 15th arancini ball,” he said.Brown’s co-host Campbell Brown commented that he’d lost weight, looked gaunt and changed colour.“Mind you, I ran the New York marathon in 95kg only two years ago,” Jonathan said.“My last weigh-in I was 110kg so probably needed the spicy cough to straighten me up a little bit.”It comes days after Kylie first gave an update on the family’s Covid situation, saying her main concern was to reassure their children.Kylie and their daughters, Olivia and Macy, had earlier tested negative.She said they were still living together while isolating and being tested each day.“I’m double vaxxed, Jonathan is double vaxxed, so we’ve done everything we can and we’re listening to all the advice that we’ve been given,” Kylie said in a video posted to Instagram.“Stay hydrated, confident and calm for the kids because there’s a lot of hype and fear that has been placed into our kids.”I’ve got COVID, but nothing would stop me from doing Browny’s Podcast”“Jack was freaking out when it happened but we have reassured him and I think that’s what is important is to reassure the children.“And Jack had a mild fever yesterday for maybe an hour and he had like growing pains and that’s all he’s had.“Liv has clearly still got an appetite — she’s good — Macy has got a runny nose but she’s still negative.“We’ll just keep getting tested and doing what they’re told.”Kylie also said it was important to keep things as normal as possible.“So when it comes to our living arrangements we are not isolated from the ‘rony’ boys, the kids are all sleeping in the same bed together,” she said.“And I’m not sleeping in the bed with JB cause he has been sweating it out and he’s a bit smelly.“We’re just sharing everything and going on (with) life as normal and trying to keep as calm as possible. But we are going and getting tested every day, the girls are, and we’re isolating at home. “But yes, I have had people asking about if we are separating and isolating the boys but it was just too stressful and we were already exposed so we’re keeping life as normal as possible, staying calm and making sure we’re taking lots of vitamins and eating well.”CHRISSIE SWAN’S COVID DRAMA HALTS NEW TV SHOWProduction of Channel 10’s new quiz show Would I Lie To You has been pushed back for several weeks following Chrissie Swan’s positive Covid-19 test.Swan is the host of the show and was on set in Melbourne on Monday as part of pre-production activities in the lead up to filming getting underway.“Production has been made aware that Chrissie Swan has tested positive for Covid-19 and she is now self-isolating. In light of this news, we are pushing back our start date for Would I Lie To You by a few weeks,” a spokesman from Endemol Shine Australia said.Endemol Shine Australia is the production house producing the show for 10.Would I Lie To You features Swan, Chris Taylor and Frank Woodley.It is one of 10’s new offerings for 2022.Chrissie Swan is the second Nova radio host to contract Covid after the studio was shut down late on Tuesday afternoon.“Turns out I didn’t escape Covid after all,’’ Swan said.“After feeling a bit tired and flat I took a test and it’s come back positive. I feel basically fine so far — worst is the fatigue (though I think I’ve been tired for 20 years so I’m match fit).“I’m double vaxxed, always checked in with the QR codes, have contacted EVERYONE and have isolated since yesterday afternoon so as not to spread it any further.”Nova and smoothfm radio staff were put back into lockdown and asked to get tested, with neither breakfast team on air on Wednesday morning.After several attempts to contact Swan and Nova, the station’s statement read: “We are responding to a positive Covid case in our Melbourne office. Our Covid safety and response plan, which aligns with all current Victoria Government health advice and prioritises the safety of our staff, has been implemented”.The Chrissie, Sam and Browny breakfast show was off air on Friday.Their co-host, Sam Pang, appears to have the all clear and will be part of Seven’s The Front Bar on Thursday night.Chrissy Swan CovidBROWN LIFTS CURTAIN ON COVIDJonathan Brown, the broadcaster and father of three, said he started to feel unwell on Thursday, as revealed by Page 13 on Friday. He got his official Covid test result back on Saturday.“I’m going to lift the curtain here,’’ Brown said on Monday morning from home on his Nova breakfast show, Chrissie, Sam and Browny. “Thursday afternoon, I said to Sam (Pang), I was playing golf with him and I leant on him and said, ‘I think this is the end’.“Pang will be my witness. I said to him in the carpark Thursday night, I said, ‘I’m feeling a bit crook, I’m not right’. So I went home and I mentioned to my wife, Kylie, because I was due to go out for dinner that night. I said, ‘I don’t think I’m going to be able to go for dinner’, and she said, ‘why don’t you have a rapid test’, because she had been a little bit crook for a couple of days.“Then it came up positive and I rang Pangy and rang our work, Nova, and said I came up positive pretty quick, I think we probably need to put something in place where everyone gets tested. So I did the right thing.”Brown, who is double-vaccinated, said he scrambled to get a test on Thursday night with the family going to the showgrounds in separate cars, only for the gates to shut at 8pm with five cars ahead of them.“Went home and had to wait til Friday morning and then we all got tested,’’ Brown said.“As it worked out, we didn’t work Friday and it came back positive on Saturday night. “The longer it takes it means they’re usually retesting. The girls came back really quick in my family, and me and little Jack Brown took a lot longer. “Covid positive, so 10 days in isolation the lads have got to do. The girls have got bragging rights in our household, they reckon they are the iron ladies of the family. The girls have to do seven days.”Brown said he was starting to turn the corner.“I feel good now, as of yesterday morning. I just felt a bit like I had a head cold, maybe a mild flu. Didn’t lose taste, didn’t get a sore throat,” he said. “I didn’t have any symptoms, it was a hot and windy day and I said I’ve got hayfever and then you start to feel a bit light-headed. After a few days I sweated it out.”Tottie Goldsmith is in The Alfred hospital with Covid after a false negative rapid testTOTTIE’S RAPID TEST REGRETSinger and actor Tottie Goldsmith has also tested positive for Covid, warning people on Sunday to be aware of symptoms after being admitted to The Alfred hospital.The Chantoozies star said she thought she had a common flu and had initially tested negative with an at-home rapid antigen test. “I thought I had a cold that was getting worse, so I did a rapid antigen test and it came back negative and so I kept going and then I got this crazy headache,’’ Goldsmith said in a video posted to social media. “I woke up this morning and the headache was like I’d drunk a bottle of scotch so I just went, you know what I’m going to do another rapid antigen test and I did, and it came back positive. So now I’m in The Alfred. I feel like shit to be honest.” Goldsmith said she had her second vaccine on August 16 and was “grateful to be otherwise healthy”. The niece of Olivia Newton-John spoke of feeling guilty at having exposed others, saying: “Lesson: negative rapid test … test again!!”She added: “I had a really upset stomach.“Today I woke up and everything tasted weird. If you do get these symptoms, I just reckon go and get a proper test done because the first one came back negative and I’ve risked giving it to other people, that upsets me more than being sick to be honest. “I’m just sitting here in The Alfred waiting for some results and to get a plan for what we’re doing and just deal with my guilt that I’ve potentially spread it to other people.” Goldsmith was inundated with well wishes including from Dannii Minogue, Jane Hall, Ross Wilson and Eve von Bibra.

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