Hadley’s blistering spray at ‘dickhead’ listener

2GB morning host Hadley raised a “hugely insulting” email from a listener on Tuesday morning, who accused Hadley and 2GB colleague Mark Levy of “cowardice” for not allowing anti-vaxxers to call in and share their views on the talkback line.Hadley launched into a stunning attack on the listener, calling him a “dickhead” and declaring anti-vaxxers would “never” have a voice on his show. Hadley equated the listener’s views with those of Nazis or paedophiles.“(The listener wrote) ‘after 400 people have died from the vaccine’ … five million have died from the virus you dickhead,” Hadley said.“I expect that during World War II you’d be prepared to listen to the rantings of Hitler and give him equal time as well … perhaps you think paedophiles have a point and perhaps I should air their views on here.”Daily Telegraph – News Feed latest episodeHe added: “Anti-vaxxers are a scourge on society, and will never get any traction here, never have and never will.”2GB veteran Hadley has been vocal about his distaste for people who are anti-vaccination since the pandemic began, launching into a number of rants about their views.He accused the emailer of being a coward for refusing to reveal his name, hit out at those who gathered in Sydney over the weekend to protest Covid vaccines, and again denounced having anyone who is opposed to vaccines on his radio program.“People like him believe in this utopia where everyone should be heard … well before Covid anti-vaxxers weren’t welcome here and never will be, they are dangerous and irresponsible,” Hadley said.“Responsible broadcasters, in my opinion, should never give them a voice.”NAT – Stay Informed – Social Media

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