Big change with booster rollout

A spokeswoman from the Department of Health confirmed the extra doses would be sent out to providers after the nation’s vaccine advisory body changed its advice on how long to wait between second and third doses.On Christmas Eve, the Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) said it would recommend the minimum interval be reduced from five months to four.It came in response to the rapidly rising number of Omicron cases in Australia which has meant cases across states and territories continue to grow.The change means millions more people will be eligible for a booster dose from early January and there have been reports pharmacists are struggling to keep up with demand.“To meet increasing demand, primary care orders are being increased for delivery in the first week of January,” the health spokeswoman said.“This will see all providers receive around 120 additional doses in addition to their existing orders and inject around 800,000 additional doses into the primary care system alone.”The spokeswoman said that there had been a record week of deliveries with 1.7 million doses delivered.“Supply is not an issue and there are more than 20 million vaccines already in Australia to ensure everyone in Australia who is eligible for a booster dose can receive it over the festive period,” she said.

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