TV star stuns in new weight loss snap

The Aussie model, who had her first child, Hunter, with fiancee Hayley Willis in March this year, took to Instagram on Tuesday to share a photo of herself in a patterned red dress.She told followers it wasn’t until she tried on the “old dress” that she realised how far she had come in her weight loss journey. “I wore that dress on TV after we had Hunter and it was very tight and uncomfortable and they had to pin the front to try to keep everything in,” Fiona told news.com.au“And when I popped it on the other day it felt great, so it showed me how far I have come.”The 38-year-old, who credited her weight loss to The Healthy Mummy, said after having Hunter, life was “pretty chaotic”.“He was our number one priority so taking care of myself sort of fell to the wayside which is totally normal when you have a newborn,” she said.“When Hunter was a few months old and I got the all clear from my obstetrician, I decided to sign up to The Healthy Mummy to start taking care of myself again. “I think the biggest challenge has been that I injured my foot about two months ago and it’s still healing so it’s has really impacted my ability to train/walk/jog but it just needs time to heal and it will eventually.”Fiona said she has never put any pressure on herself about losing weight following the birth of her son — and instead loves to focus on “how good she feels” when putting on clothes.“By taking the time to look after myself I feel like I’m giving my best self to my family,” Fiona told news.com.au.“I have more energy to play with Hunter and to get up to him at night. He is not mobile yet but once he is, I’m excited to be able to run around with him.” The new mum said she has focused on revamping her nutrition and has tried to incorporate as much exercise into her weekly routine. “The program has been great for Hayley and I, especially during those early months when we were so tired. It would get to the evening and neither of us would have the energy to cook,” she said.“But on the program we make time to prep some of our weekly meals and freeze them so there is no guess work at the end of the day and we are not making poor choices.”In her latest snap, Fiona was praised for how “amazing” and “incredible” she looks.“Both images r smokin mumma,” model Elyse Knowles commented.“Looking great gorg!” said another follower.“Bet you FEEL amazing,” a third person commented, while a fourth added: “You look fantastic. Always did but now you look even better. It’s not easy sticking to these new dietary rules. But once you start seeing and feeling the results, it makes it a lot easier to keep going.”Fiona has been open and honest with her weight loss journey, admitting there was a time she felt she lacked control of her life. Instagram one“It’s a few months between these photos and I have to say the photo on the right was a tired, stressed mumma who was not looking after herself, life was so chaotic and feeding myself was my last priority,” Fiona wrote in a before and after snap in November.“These days I am now feeling a lot more in control of my life.”The model said for those also looking to make a lifestyle change, it’s important to make time for yourself. “I know it’s so hard to find time to do anything with a bubby, but what I have learnt is that my health is more important than the basket of laundry that needs folding,” she told news.com.au“When Hunter is asleep I try to get a quick workout in. And putting in a few hours on a Sunday afternoon to meal prep just sets you up for an amazing week.”Fiona said when she is moving her body and fuelling it well, it has a positive impact on her mental health.“It helps my anxiety and just makes me feel energised and happy. It can be hard to start but once you start it’s pretty addictive and just becomes how you live your life.”

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