‘Covid sucks’: MAFS couple struck down with virus

The MAFS couple, who recently made The Sunday Telegraph’s most intriguing couples list, shared their experience with the virus with their 921,000 followers on Wednesday night.They contracted the virus after returning from a trip to North America.Outspoken Kalifatidis told her followers she was using a filter to talk about the illness because “Covid makes you so ugly”.“I don’t know how but it changes your face and makes you ugly … and yes, Michael and I tested positive for Covid,” the 33-year-old said.“So when we left LA, we showed a negative test leaving America. As soon as we landed in Australia we did another test and we showed negative and that was Christmas Eve. We went to dinner and someone had it.”Despite both being double vaccinated, Kalifatidis said Covid had still hit her and her fiancé hard.“Covid sucks. It is so f**king shit. Some people are like, ‘It’s just a cold’, but it is a pretty shit one. It’s like tonsillitis, gastro and the flu in one,” before adding that Michael did “projectile vomit” at the start of his symptoms.”Brunelli said it all started with a scratch in his throat and his “energy being sapped”.He listed his symptoms as a sore throat, dry cough, lethargy and night sweats along with body aches.“But I’m going into the fourth night (from onset of symptoms) and I’m feeling a lot better than I did in the first two days,” he wrote on Instagram.Got a news or entertainment tip? Email [email protected]

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