Get taxes out of the way with TurboTax on sale for $55 — plus a $10 Amazon gift card as a treat

Save $45, plus get $10 for free: As of Dec. 29, TurboTax Premier Federal and State software is only $54.99 at Amazon — a $45 discount that also translates to 45% off. The e-bundle comes with a $10 Amazon gift card.

While we’re all still processing 2020, the arrival of 2022 also means the kickoff to the 2022 tax season.

A TurboTax sale at Amazon could make filing taxes less of a big to-do so that you can get back to focusing on your existential crisis. Grab the downloadable version of TurboTax Premier 2021 for almost half off at $54.99, plus a $10 Amazon gift card to sweeten the deal.

The deal is almost identical to a Black Friday deal from TurboTax, but swaps TurboTax Deluxe for TurboTax Premier. The Premier bundle spotlighted here covers federal and state returns, and is recommended over Deluxe if you own rental property, are a trust beneficiary, or sold stock, bonds, or mutual funds. Retirement tax help and an IRA tool are also key inclusions with Premier.

As always, the program is designed to help maximize your deductions. TurboTax’s Audit Risk Meter keeps an eye out to reduce your chance of an audit.

The digital version of TurboTax is available for both Mac and PC users. Once downloaded, you can import your W-2s, investment, and mortgage information right to the software. Progress will be saved if you pause in the middle, and you’ll be notified when your return is ready.

TurboTax with Amazon gift card

Credit: TurboTax / Amazon

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