Martha reveals lingering Covid symptom

The influencer and her partner, MAFS “husband” Michael Brunelli, tested positive to the virus last week.After showing symptoms she wished “good luck” to people who were unvaccinated if they got the virus. But in a new post to Instagram, Martha told her followers she was feeling much better.“Last night I finally got to sleep. I had a solid eight hours of sleep and I feel so much better today,” she said. She added, she was still displaying some symptoms.“But I have lost my taste. Last night we had a barbecue, Michael, Mary and I, and I couldn‘t taste and they were enjoying it,” she said.“They even ate a Cornetto (ice cream) for dessert. I didn‘t have one obviously because I couldn’t taste it.”The influencer then put the question to her fans.“Do you still eat if you can’t taste? I don’t get it,” she asked. Despite the loss of taste, Martha revealed she’s feeling like herself again and is “back”.Last week, she took to Instagram to explain her situationThe social media star took to her Instagram stories on Wednesday night, with a filter because the virus “makes you so f***ing ugly”, to tell her 629,000 followers that they don’t want to catch it.“Covid sucks, it is so f***ing sh*t,” she said. “It’s kind of like cold and flu symptoms and tonsillitis and gastro all in one. Michael actually got hit really hard.”Ms Kalifatidis said their symptoms included a sore throat, chest burning, nausea, vomiting, fever and chills.She was quick to shut down people who were messaging asking why the couple had caught Covid if they were fully vaccinated.“You can still get Covid if you’ve had all your vaccines, it’s just not as severe,” she said.“All I can say is honestly good luck to anyone who gets Covid and they haven’t been vaxxed.”Ms Kalifatidis told her followers to wear masks and sanitise.

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