‘Got me good’: Covid hitting celebrity circles

The latest to reveal they had tested positive was former Bachelorette and Channel 7 reporter, Georgia Love, who shared she was suffering a horrible fever, body aches and a headache. “Welcome to 2022,” she wrote on Instagram on Monday night, showing a positive rapid antigen test. “Omicron has got me good. I’m double vaxxed, felt 100 per cent fine last night but woke this morning with aches, which have got worse and worse throughout the day. “I have a horrible fever and my head feels like it may explode. I can’t imagine what this would be like if I wasn’t vaccinated.”Love follows former Miss Universe Australia Olivia Molly Rogers, who contracted the virus after spending Christmas with her family in South Australia. She also revealed she was suffering from an unusual side effect. “I have the most random (but kind of funny) symptom,” she wrote on her Instagram story on Monday. “I can’t stop burping. I googled it and apparently it’s part of the gastrointestinal symptoms of Covid, not that common though. Has anyone else had this with Covid?” As well as the burping, Olivia said she had “really itchy eyes”. Rogers’ fiance Justin Mckeone also tested positive.Fitness influencer and Keep It Cleaner co-founder Laura Henshaw also shared her unusual Covid symptom after testing positive.The model said she was suffering from aches in her legs similar to the growing pains she had experienced as a teenager.“I have not had any head symptoms (headache or dizziness) so I have spent most of the days reading and journalling outside and taking time to slow down and rest,” Laura wrote in an Instagram post.“Anyone with achy legs (I felt like I had entered the Olympic squatting competition combined with growing pains), I found putting them up in the air helped a lot.” Former AFLW star and pregnant mum Moana Hope was hospitalised with Covid after setting off on a driving holiday.Her symptoms were so bad she had to seek help.“I’m better today than what I was yesterday,’’ Hope said on Instagram on Tuesday.“I’ve still got massive headaches, all the time, blocked nose and runny nose. Sometimes feel OK, the next minute just feel wiped.”Hope said she had felt like she had run a marathon and had lost both taste and smell.Former AFL and I’m a Celeb star Dale Thomas said he was still feeling shocking on day three of isolation.“Worst I’ve felt yet, another night of full sweats, hot and cold, body aches and now my throat feels like I’m swallowing razorblades, if I speak I have a coughing fit,’’ he explained on Tuesday.Former Love Island star Anna McEvoy has tested positive after landing in Thailand with her partner Michael Staples and they are staying at a Covid hotel.Channel 7 presenter Jacqui Felgate revealed she had tested positive over the holidays after returning to the newsdesk at the weekend.

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