‘Train wreck’ Wayne Carey still haunted by affair

And the North Melbourne great says his “integrity will always be questioned,” because of the scandalous affair. Carey’s secret affair with Kelli Stevens came to light in 2002 when the pair were busted together in a toilet at Carey’s North Melbourne teammate Glenn Archer’s home during a party.The illicit relationship was the catalyst for Carey, who was married to his wife Sally at the time, leaving North Melbourne. Carey addresses the destructive affair in a teaser for the Channel 7 show SAS: Australia in which he is a participant. “I’ve got this nickname ‘The King’, I was captain at 21,” Carey said.“I slept with a teammate’s wife, it’s haunted me for 20 years.“My integrity will always be questioned.“I’m not trying to prove anything to the public, it’s to myself“People can change, they evolve. Hopefully this can help me.”Carey is described by SAS: Australia drillmaster Ollie Ollerton as a “train wreck.”“This guy is a train wreck,” Ollerton exclaims as a series of wild headlines involving Carey flash on screen.As much as he has tried to leave the scandal in his wake, Carey’s appearance on the show, which digs up controversies in each participant’s past, will see that unsavoury chapter raked over and revisited yet again.SAS: Australia, which will launch in February on Seven, is a military-style boot camp challenge for celebrities.In the most recent season celebrity participants were yelled at, deprived of sleep, were made to swing on a ladder underneath a hovering helicopter, escape a sunken vehicle, and crawl through a terrifying, tiny, dark wormhole-like tunnel, as well as being tear gassed, dunked in an ice bath, and made to competitively drag tyres and bergens for kilometres up a mountain side.

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