George Calombaris cooking up next TV venture

Calombaris has joined with MasterChef alumni and international restaurateur Sarah Todd to film a television pilot.The show – based around food and cooking, naturally – is being pitched to the local and international market.Melbourne-based Todd, who has returned to MasterChef Australia this year for its Fans & Favourites season – she is among the returning high profile former contestants – shot the pilot with Calombaris last year.“George is amazing, he has always been an idol of mine and is now a friend after the first MasterChef (she competed in),” Todd said. “George has come to India a couple of times for events and we have done a number of events together. We both feel really passionately about food and the stories behind the food.“For us, George having a Greek background and me spending so much time in India and then both of us growing up in Australia, I think it shows how food can go beyond cultures and countries and it really brings people together. I am really excited about this one.”Todd, who prior to Covid had three successful restaurants in India, said she was nervous about going back into the MasterChef kitchen, with the series set to launch on Channel 10 on April 18.“I feel so thankful because it was a catapult into the food industry and it was what gave me that huge head start,” she said of her life changing MasterChef appearance in 2014.“Since my first MasterChef I have completely grown as a person and as a chef, a restaurateur and entrepreneur and no one really knew about it in Australia, so I felt like it was a great opportunity to tell my story.“In addition to that I have grown a lot again during the competition. I feel like I have a new look on food. I feel like what I got out of the competition the first time I have kind of got again.”She said she was confronted with plenty of challenges in her MasterChef return.“Just like everything that goes on in my life – blood sweat and tears – it is all there,” she said.

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