Karl hits back at Ally after storm-off

During an entertainment wrap, Brooke Boney said she had a gift for Langdon and “perhaps a gift for us all”, before reporting Mariah Carey would be teaching singing lessons on online education platform MasterClass.“I don’t even get what you are suggesting, why on earth would I need singing lessons?” Langdon said with a straight face.Boney then suggested the TV personality give viewers a demo of her “beautiful voice”, which Langdon happily did.In a tone not quite up to superstar standards, she whipped out “sweet, sweet fantasy baby” from Carey’s famous song Fantasy.“You can’t hit those high notes,” she added with a laugh, pointing around at her co-hosts.Boney added, sarcastically: “Actually I take it back, you don’t need them”.Then a cringing Stefanovic chimed in.“From all of us here at Today, happy Easter,” he said, putting an end to the banter.On Wednesday, the 47-year-old veteran TV presenter was discussing the ongoing defamation trial between Johnny Depp and his ex-wife Amber Heard, in which Depp’s sister Christi Dembrowski testified on day one that Heard had called the actor “old and fat”.Stefanovic began, “Being called a fat old man is like …” before Langdon quipped, “You’re not old?” before cheekily adding, “Or fat!”.But by that point Stefanovic had already checked out, emerging from the couch and shouting at the camera, “She’s fat shaming! She’s fat shaming again, Australia. I’m going on a diet.”Stefanovic was then filmed behind the scenes wrapping his arm around the Nine Network’s head of publicity, Adrian Motte, where he said, “That’s disgusting, isn’t it?”He added: “I really try, my feelings get hurt,” before he bailed entirely from set.A bewildered Langdon, 42, defended herself after her colleague’s outburst, saying: “I said all of them! Old or fat! He’s so sensitive, I just called him thin, handsome, and young. That’s what I just said.”

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