A luxury travel company announced members-only cruises starting at $7,500 that sold out within 24 hours — see what the cruises will be like

A cruise ship on a body of water on a semi-cloudy day.
  • Luxury travel subscription company Inspirato unveiled eight 2023 cruises exclusive to its members.
  • The starting price of the eight cruises range from $7,500 per package to $28,900 per stateroom.
  • Two of the itineraries were fully booked within the first day of the program’s unveil.
The cruise industry is making a comeback, and travelers are ready to pay big bucks to return to sea.

A cruise ship on a body of water on a semi-cloudy day.
On Monday, luxury travel subscription company Inspirato announced eight members-only cruises sailing in 2023, starting at $7,500 per package.

An old town with a sunset.

Source: Inspirato

Within 24 hours, the company sold out two itineraries, amassing a “record breaking” over $3 million in reservations, it said in a press release.

A person kayaking away from a large cruise ship on a green coast.

Source: Inspirato

The luxury cruise program has clearly resonated with travelers, but Inspirato is neither a massive cruise line nor a boutique cruise brand.

A body of water with a town surrounded it and boats in the foreground.
Instead, the company specializes in a travel subscription program that gives its members access to luxury vacation homes, hotels, events, and trips around the world, including some aboard cruise ships.

A room with a bed, table, and balcony overlooking water and nature.
Since Inspirato isn’t a cruise brand, the company will partner with different operators like Uniworld Boutique River Cruises and Emerald Cruises to charter and operate the ships.

White buildings with blue roofs and pink flowers in the foreground. The town overlooks a body of water.
And travelers are clearly excited: Within the first day of the program’s unveil, the Greece and Egypt itineraries both sold out “immediately,” according to the company.

Lisbon, Portugal with buildings, a bridge.

Source: Inspirato

The lineup of eight itineraries will sail through five continents from March 2023 to February 2024.

A tropical location with small buildings and palm trees next to water.
This includes the Vietnam to Cambodia River Cruise in March 2023 starting at $13,900 per package …

A cruise ship with several rooms with a mountain range in the background.
… the Alaska Expedition in July 2023 aboard the National Geographic Quest starting at $19,900 …

A cruise ship on a body of water with a green hill in the background.
… and the Antarctica Expedition in February 2024 aboard the National Geographic Resolution. This sailing is the most expensive, starting at a whopping $28,900 per stateroom.

A cruise ship sailing through lush green cliffs.There are people on small boats in front of the cruise ship.
“At Inspirato, we can definitively report that cruises are back,” Brent Handler, cofounder and CEO of Inspirato, said in the press release.

A photo of Lyon, France and a body of water.
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