The best GPS devices for hitting the open road

GPS device stuck to the dashboard of car

While today’s smartphones are loaded with Google Maps or Apple Maps, they are merely quick solutions for traveling short distances. Whether it’s because the screen is too small to safely glance at while driving, or you drive a vehicle that Google Maps doesn’t have a dedicated mode for (trucks, for example, will sometimes not fit in the backside country roads the Maps app could recommend), there are many reasons to not rely on your phone for navigation. Believe it or not, getting a dedicated GPS device for your car or truck is still the best way to get to your destination safely and with ease.

Companies like Garmin and TomTom specialize in safe car travel and update their maps and traffic reports whenever changes occur on the road. GPS devices also offer peace of mind that you’ll never get lost, even when you’re in a new location — including remote areas. They can help you find the nearest restaurant, shopping mall, rest area, and other locations that might be considered off the beaten path.

When looking to buy a GPS, keep in mind how you want to attach it. Some units stand on your dashboard, while others adhere to your windshield. Also, power source is pretty important — make sure you have a cable, or that the GPS comes with one, that will plug into your car. Additional features like touchscreen capability and voice control are more things to think about while choosing your ideal GPS.

Scroll down to see why each of these GPS devices made our list, whether you drive a car, truck, or motorcycle. These are the GPS units and dash devices you should turn to the next time you’re planning a big family road trip or if your daily commute to work is riddled with construction sites and heavy traffic jams. They could very well help you get out of a sticky situation.

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