The must-have gadget that every travel lover needs

A black Anker Portable Charger on a table.

Whether you’re traveling or you just spend a lot of time on the go, a portable charger will quickly become your new best friend — especially if you rely on your phone for directions or Apple Pay. Instead of sitting around and waiting for your phone or other gear to charge, a high-quality portable charger allows you to easily charge your tech wherever you are, while still giving you the ability to use your device.

What to consider before buying a portable charger

The right portable charger will depend greatly on what your lifestyle looks like: do you want something that’ll slip into your pocket for on-the-go charging, or were you hoping to find something that’ll allow you to charge multiple devices at a single time?

Getting clear on your specific requirements will help to quickly narrow down the type of charger to look for. It’s also vital to set and stick to a budget, as portable chargers of all sizes can greatly range in price point.

Looking for the right portable charger for your particular needs? Here, some of the top options on Amazon to ensure you’re never without juice, taking into account design, charge life, and functionality.

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