Gatto’s response to losing case against ABC

The vid shows a sharp-suited Gatto in aviator shades saying: “I am very disappointed at the verdict today. It’s a sad state and a real concern when the media can make untruthful remarks and not be held accountable. Thank you very much.”All accompanied by solemn funeral music and some special effects.Gatto sued the ABC over a 2019 article which he argued falsely implied he had threatened to kill lawyer turned police snitch Gobbo.He appealed his failed lawsuit in the Victorian Court of Appeal, arguing a judge was mistaken when they threw out his defamation case against the public broadcaster last year.He argued the article was “sensationalised” and the reader was less likely to take “analytical care” in comprehending its content.He also claimed the article “treat(ed) as a fact that threats had been made” and went “beyond a meaning” that there were reasonable grounds to suspect Gatto threatened to kill Gobbo.This implied he was a hit-man, murderer and was one of Australia’s most violent criminals, Gatto claimed.In dismissing the appeal, Court of Appeal judges David Beach, Kristen Walker and Cameron Macaulay found there was nothing in the article to suggest the assertions made were “well-founded”.The original judgment found the article was accurate and based on court proceedings, with allegations against Gatto attributed to witnesses.Gatto was similarly poker faced later Wednesday night, this time blinged up and in a rhinestone shirt at his charity event Poker with the Stars at the Grand Hyatt in a tribute to Shane Warne.But has the Mickster played his last card? He certainly doesn’t think so.

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