Society king may be in strife over Sorrento toilet ‘incident’

Yes, we know it’s not the big September break, but everyone was so cooped up in Covid they couldn’t help but use their frequent flyer points to get away this Easter.Up there, Hastings St is positively heaving. Pity about the weather with everyone so looking forward to pitching a pinstriped cabana outside the Main Beach surf club. (It matches the shirt. Though this season gingham is all the rage.)But weren’t there some whispers at the school gates before the white sneakers and White Story smocks got packed into Samsonite bags?No, no, we are not alluding to that white stuff in baggies. Well, on second thoughts, we hear people were paying an eye-watering (or should that be a nose-bleeding) $540 for the stuff back in postcode 3142. Quite a price rise from the normal $350 for a designer bag, but Tony Montana quality is thin on the ground at the moment.Yes, it’s been some time since the folk at 3142 copped some column inches.But we digress.We don’t want to mention STDs or sex workers. That’s like mentioning the war, or talking about politics at the dinner table. No one wants to start all those Dan rumours again. So last year.The latest is the one about the society king who got into strife down Mornington Peninsula way.It’s all rather grubby, with talk of a police investigation after something nasty occurring in a Sorrento toilet cubicle.They’ve run off to rehab on a lawyer’s advice to wash away their sins. It is Easter, after all.From the Grand Prix corporates to the private school gates, there’s been plenty of scuttlebutt and no end to the chatter. But this sordid society story is not going away quickly. The alleged victim works at a high-profile, swanky hospitality venue. Maybe this is the last straw, no Coketail party puns intended.Meanwhile, over at the school gates of Haileybury College, the whispers have been about the year 12 formal last Friday.One parent had the grand idea of holding the party in the vacant Middle Braahton home they are renovating.With a 4am curfew, the neighbours were positively fuming. One was a 90-year-old grandmother, another recently widowed.Another was taken aback when offered a financial incentive by the cashed-up parent to make themselves scarce on the night.Gauche and just plain crude!

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