‘Awful’: Karl weighs in on Depp trial

Pointing out the disparities between the US and Australian justice systems, Stefanovic, 47, said the matter should be heard behind closed doors.Chatting with entertainment reporter Sam Rubin on the Today show on Friday, he declared the publicly-aired trial “triggering” for those who have suffered at the hands of domestic violence, given how detailed the alleged incidents have been.“I think for a lot of people this is triggering,” Stefanovic said.“This is so public. It’s so awful. This is why stuff doesn’t get televised from family courts here in Australia.“There’s awful detail, and for a lot of folks out there watching on, it would be really difficult viewing,” he added.Rubin responded: “This was Johnny Depp’s idea to have the entire thing televised. That just seems the weirdest decision ever. A revenge-based decision.”In February, Judge Penney Azcarate ruled the month-long trial in Virginia could be televised on Court TV after Depp’s lawyer, Benjamin Chew, said the actor wanted “transparency” throughout proceedings.The ruling went viral at the time, with Depp fans claiming it will be the “trial of the century” on social media.Since the trial kicked off last month, the public has been hooked on every second, sending a number of alarming hashtags trending on Twitter.In court today, Heard broke down in tears as she described a fight in Australia where Johnny Depp allegedly sexually assaulted her with a vodka bottle after taking about eight or 10 pills of MDMA. This is the same explosive fight during which Depp allegedly cut own finger with a smashed up phone, Heard claims.Earlier, the Aquaman actress testified that Depp, 58, called her a “sl*t” and kicked her in the back before he passed out in an aeroplane bathroom over an affair he believed she was having with actor James Franco.On her first day of testimony, Heard recalled the first time he allegedly struck her after asking about a tattoo that was the altered name of his ex-girlfriend, Wynona Ryder.  This is the second of two defamation cases Depp has been pursuing for more than three years. In 2020, Depp lost his trial and subsequent appeal after suing The Sun over a headline that called him a “wife beater”.The judge — acting without a jury — found that at certain times, Heard feared for her life in physical situations during her marriage with Depp, making The Sun’s use of the phrase “wife beater” substantially true. Depp is now suing Heard for $US50 million (A$70m) for alluding to abuse in their relationship in an op-ed for The Washington Post. Domestic Violence helplines

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