Radio couple release sex tape together

Australian OnlyFans star Lucy Banks appeared as a guest on KIIS 101.1 Melbourne’s Jase & Lauren Morning Show on April 20 to discuss her successful modelling career.After Banks spoke with the hosts about her lucrative career as an adult content creator, one of the show’s call-in guests, fellow OnlyFans creator Mr. Jake, reached out to her privately. The radio hosts soon seized on the chemistry between the pair, calling Banks back on-air several times to grill her on the juicy details as the pair teased a possible sex tape.The pair publicly revealed today that they finally met up in Perth this past weekend to shoot what may well be the world’s first breakfast radio-facilitated sex tape. “After shooting our scene together this past weekend, we sent the radio station a preview of our content; we were shocked when they actually watched it live on air,” Banks said in a statement today. “They were literally screaming and giving the listeners a censored ‘play by play’ of the content they were watching. I’m sure it has never, ever been done on live radio before.”Banks thanked the KIIS crew for “welcoming us, inadvertently introducing us and indulging our fortuitous meeting over the past couple of weeks”. She and Jake plan to film more videos in the coming weeks – and promise to keep KIIS listeners updated on their adventures.

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