AMD RDNA 3 ‘GFX11’ GPUs Get First Mesa Support, RADV Graphics Tech Adds Task Shaders

AMD RDNA 3 'GFX11' GPUs Get First Mesa Support, RADV Graphics Tech Adds Task Shaders

AMD has released their RDNA 3 ‘GFX11’ graphics IP support for Mesa 22.2. The new support is the next phase for AMD with the company’s next-gen graphics display IP block. The next-gen AMD RDNA 3 GFX11 is the successor to the RDNA 2 GFX10. AMD recently confirmed that they are transferring all focus onto the new series of Radeon RX 7000 series graphics cards. Over the last week and a half, AMD has submitted several patches to Mesa for the GFX11 series and the AMDGPU Linux kernel DRM open-source driver.

AMD adds significant open-source Radeon graphics driver code into Mesa 22.2 for Q3 2022, Enables Initial RDNA 3 ‘GFX11’ GPU Support

The preparations for RDNA 3 GFX11 in Mesa were not alone. Several other IP blocks are added for future Radeon graphics cards slated to be ready for sale towards the end of the year. Previously, AMD already added GFX11 coding into the LLVM 15.0 release, which should launch four months from now. The LLVM enablement will add back-end AMDGPU shader compiler assistance.

The listing for the newest addition of GFX11 support has this recent comment, promising further additions to come —

This is most of it. Some bits are missing, and they will be added later.

Source: Phoronix

Due to the hardware still in the development stages, there are still RDNA 3 GFX11 features that AMD will add as we creep further into the official launch period. The Mesa enablement support from AMD adds emphasis to the RadeonSI Gallium3D OpenGL driver. The RADV driver that AMD recently added to the Mesa 22.2 version is considered an unofficial driver in development with groups such as Red Hat and Google Valve. Developers utilizing RADV enablement will surely add GFXll and RDNA3 Linux support patches. In doing so, developers will find the necessary ACO compiler back-end support for the upcoming series.

Another recent addition for Mesa’s future AMD graphics enablement is the new VCN4 accelerated video codec patches that work with the Gallium3D video acceleration state tracker. The only encoding software still missing is the AV1 hardware support from Intel. Still, as we saw recently, the code is to follow AMD’s path shortly or is possibly in the preparatory patches already.

Over the last twenty-four hours, minor RADV refactoring was Merged that affected the queue submit code, allowing for task shading utilizing the Radeon Vulkan driver.

Source: Phoronix

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