‘Charged 15 times’: Couple’s $14k Qantas flights bill shock

Dennis and Pat Amor told the Bundaberg NewsMail they decided to “treat themselves” to a visit with family in Melbourne after two long years of Covid restriction separation and were looking forward to booking their trip and heading south. However, when they made their booking over the phone over the weekend, they were told their credit card had been rejected. Mystified, the Amors only found out what had happened when they touched base with their credit card company. “I didn’t know (the Qantas worker) had kept trying (the credit card),” Mrs Amor said. “It was only when we went to MasterCard they said ‘your card went through 15 times’.” Shocked by a $14,000 bill on their credit card, the couple said they made multiple calls to Qantas to try and sort the issue out. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve rang and you get a different person every time,” Mrs Amor said. After explaining the situation on multiple occasions, the couple says MasterCard returned $10,000 to their account, but as of Monday, $4000 was still being held by Qantas. Mrs Amor said the situation was compounded when their Qantas tickets were suspended pending what they were told was an investigation, and that they were not able to book new tickets even if they paid upfront. She also said they were told that the $4000 would be returned after the investigation, which could take weeks.“We must be the only people in Australia who can’t make a booking and yet they’re holding $4000,” she said. “We feel like victims, we really do.”The Amors had to resort to using credit they had with Jetstar to book alternative flights. Qantas was not able to supply a response by deadline, but a spokeswoman said the airline would provide information after working out what caused the banking issue.

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