Taylor Swift Just Wore Fashion’s Favorite Simple Outfit Trend Like a Pro

Taylor Swift’s polished style was on display this week when she stepped out for an event at the Tribeca Film Festival, and it happened to be a major outfit trend this season: loose trousers and a matching vest. Consider it the summer version of the suiting trend, and the fashion crowd has fully embraced it. 

Wearing a vest as a top has become one of the biggest styling trends of 2022, and we hope it sticks, because it’s easy and incredibly chic. You can wear it with jeans or a miniskirt and it’ll look great, but the most polished way to style it is with matching pants, as Swift did. (Specifically, she wore a pinstripe Max Mara set with Prada heels.)

The ’90s-inspired outfit trend is being sold by all of your favorite brands, from Zara to Frankie Shop, so let’s get to it (as in, shop them below).

On Taylor Swift: Max Mara Divo Vest ($645) and Matilde Stripe High Waist Wool Blend Trousers ($925); Prada shoes; Vrai jewelry

Shop the matching Wide Flowy Pants ($70).

Shop the matching Matilde Stripe High Waist Wool Blend Trousers ($925).

Shop the matching Gelso Pants ($199).

Shop the matching Pinstripe Suit Pants ($80).

Shop the matching Montauk Pants ($198).

Shop the matching Bernardo Stripe Trousers ($340).

Next up, 10 summer weekend outfits that’ll rake in the compliments.

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