See how you can improve your golf game with this simple kit

Person in green shirt swinging golf club while phone on tripod films them

TL;DR: As of June 19, you can save 15% on the Caddie View Golf Training System with the code CADDIE, which will let you snag it for $59.49 instead of $69.99.

Golfers may be alone on the course, but you don’t improve in a vacuum. You can’t always have a teacher on hand, but with some help, you might be able to see how you’re golfing from a new angle. Caddie View Golf Training System: Stick, Control, & App was designed by golfers for golfers who want to improve their form by studying their own performance just like professional athletes do. For a limited time, this simple tool to record your swing is on sale for $69.99. 

Seeing videos of yourself can help you create a mental image of what your body has been doing so you can understand what to change. 

We’ve talked about it before, and it continues to impress. Caddie Golf functionally puts you in the position of your own golf instructor. Connect your smartphone to the tripod and use the wireless remote to tell it when to record your swing. The extendable pole can reach up to 36 inches, and it’s designed to lodge firmly in the ground, even at an angle so you can get a full view of your swing regardless of the terrain. Before you swing, press the ergonomically-designed controller that looks like a ball marker, which can clip directly to your hat, pants, or belt. Plus, the Bluetooth connection has a range of 10-25 feet.

Once your swing is recorded, open the app and use Caddie View’s analytical tools to evaluate your game. You can draw lines, rectangles, or angles to understand your posture and swing angle. Trace the arc of your shot, or compare your swing to recordings of PGA professionals. For more professional feedback, you’ll have access to over 100 instructional videos from Caddie View’s network of professional PGA coaches.

Watch yourself golf and learn where you can improve without anything more than your smartphone and a kit that can fit in your golf bag. Typically $69.99, Mashable readers can save an extra 15% with code CADDIE at checkout for a limited time.

Prices subject to change.

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