PCI Express 7.0 announced with 512GB/s peak bandwidth

PCI Expresss (aka PCIe) version 5.0 was first demoed in 2017, but is only now coming to prominence. AMD’s next AM5 socket will support PCIe 5.0, as will Intel’s new LGA1700. A few motherboards and CPUs with PCIe 5.0 are already on the market (e.g. Intel’s Adler Lake desktop CPUs), but not many.

Today the PCI-SIG unveiled PCI Express 7.0, the final specification for which is expected to be released in 2025, while the first PCIe 7.0 devices should hit the market in 2027 or thereabouts. This will be preceded by PCIe 6.0, of course, which we should see start to appear in server parts next…

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