Neighbours stars in tears at final farewell

Harold appeared to die in 1991 after being swept away by a rogue wave. His wife Madge was left devastated and fearing the worst as she found his mangled specs laying on a rock.Five years later he bobbed up working the tins for the Salvos. Sadly, the same can not be said for Bouncer, Erinsborough’s beloved pooch.Cast and crew, past and present, waved a final farewell to the media on Wednesday at the famed Nunawading studios, which was Erinsborough for almost 9000 episodes.There were tears and celebrations. Susan Kennedy (aka Jackie Woodburne) said real alcohol was finally being served at the Waterhole.Some cast members leaving the studios for the last time were seen nicking a few props from Lassiters. What would Paul Robinson say?Channel 10 confirmed they will air the 90 minute finale of Australia’s longest running drama on its main channel on July 28.

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