Genshin Impact Summer Fantasia Update to be Available on July 13

Genshin Impact Summer Fantasia

Genshin Impact’s updates aren’t close to stopping, and the team at Hoyoverse is intent on keeping that trend going. The upcoming update, titled “Summer Fantasia”, is set to release within the next two weeks, and brings back a new map, while offering players a character for free if they haven’t obtained them prior.

Aside from the Summer Fantasia update adding new quests, it also adds a new upcoming event for players to enjoy with their friends. Before that, though, is a brand-new trailer showing off the upcoming update and part of the rereleased area. You can watch Genshin Impact’s Summer Fantasia update trailer below.

The new trailer shows off the revamped Golden Apple Archipelago, which now has newer questlines and challenges for players visiting the area. Completing the area’s storylines will reward players with Fischl (a four-star character), for free, if the player hasn’t previously unlocked her.

This update also includes the game’s next original character, named Shikanoin Heizou. Hoyoverse has described Shikanoin as the game’s first melee catalyst user, and he can deal bonus damage to enemies already affected by elemental attacks. Shikanoin will be accessible when the new update is released.

Finally, there’s an upcoming in-game event named “Resonating Visions”. Collecting conch shells throughout the game will reward you with bits of lore, and trading them in will also allow you to get a brand-new costume for Fischl. Resonating Visions will come at a later date, though.

As for when the new update will be downloadable and accessible to players, there’s an answer for that too. In a PlayStation Blog post, Hoyoverse revealed that the Summer Fantasia update will launch on July 13th, 2022 (eight days from now, as of the time of writing). Players will very obviously have to download the update to access the newest content.

Genshin Impact is free to download on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, iOS devices, Android devices, and PC via the Epic Games Store and its own download client.

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