Meet The Anti-Wedding Creative Who Styles Bridal Wear For A Living

Instagram’s best-dressed have one thing in common: they each have a signature style item that they wear more often and better than anyone else. For one person, it could be a string bikini, worn on and off the beach. For another, it’s a sustainable maximalist aesthetic. Whatever the piece may be, it’s their thing. With our column My Thing, we’re talking with those same experts about that one specific item they have made into their signature — and style unlike anyone else.

Kennedy Bingham, a bridal stylist and influencer, is surrounded by wedding looks every day. Still, according to her, she is “not a wedding person.” 

“People assumed that because I was in bridal, it was because I really wanted to get married,” says Bingham (who got married in Las Vegas in 2021). “I just genuinely very much like bridal because there are so many constraints around it, and seeing what designers can do within all those constraints has always been very interesting to me.”

When it comes to her personal style, Bingham also rejects formalwear norms. On her Instagram, where the California native goes by @gowneyedgirl, Bingham can be seen wearing easy-to-wear pieces like mini skirts, athleisure bralettes, ‘70s-inspired vests, and straight-leg jeans. But that’s not to say she doesn’t enjoy wearing the multiple wedding dresses she tries on whenever she partners with brands like Sophie et Voilà and Houghton by Katharine Polk.

“I work with brands to just create awareness around their products, especially because bridal can feel very limiting and can feel like we see the same few brands,” she says. 

Right now, Bingham says she sees a new wave forming in the bridal space, especially when it comes to styling. “I think a lot of it is either super traditional or super anti-bride and modern, but I try to approach it like there is no right or wrong way to do bridal,” she says. “I work with brides to really translate their personal style into their bridal style and understand how they can take that dress and make it feel really significant and unique to them.” This year, she’s excited to style brides — and herself — in black wedding dresses, bridal harnesses, and funky shoes. 

Ahead, take a look at some of Bingham’s best bridal looks. 

Slipping into the big day.
A big case for drop-waist gowns.
The boho bride.
Black is the new white.
This cape reads, “Am I the drama?”
A bridal take on the popular puff sleeve trend.
A case for matching bridal gowns to the wedding locale.
Gowns made for a dancing queen.
Dark academia takes on bridal, one gown at a time.
It’s the opera gloves for me.

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