Rex: Footy ruined by rules for ‘soft’ men

The legendary broadcaster fired off a passionate response on Facebook when his friend John Locco referred to Daisy Pearce and Wayne Carey on Channel 7 on Thursday night.He said the removal of commentator Carey from prime time coverage was “weak”.“I probably don’t have the CV to say this … but I will …” Hunt wrote.“After 200 games on the field and over 2000 in the box … broadcasting box that is … Wayne Carey, to my mind, is the best qualified comments man alongside Lethal (Leigh Matthews).“Call me a fossil or whatever.“But our game has been ruined by people who are making rules to appease soft penises. For gods sake … give us some biff. Give us some spice.“And Daisy … just let Carey say a few words … please.“If I had one bloke to play for my life … The Duck (is) him.“I want Carey to talk about that rough brave play.”Hunt praised Pearce as a “gun” but said it was a poor decision to have “equal genders everywhere”.Carey has been moved by Seven from Friday nights to Saturday nights, but was part of the Thursday night team for the big Geelong-Melbourne match.Hunt told the Herald Sun he didn’t back away from his comments.“I’m glad that people are talking, I had to say it,’’ he said.“Leigh Matthews and Wayne Carey are the greatest personalities I’ve seen. “I want to hear Wayne Carey. As an ex broadcaster, if we are looking at the potential grand final preview … give me Carey and take me right into the centre bounce with (Max) Gawn and centre half forward with (Jeremy) Cameron.“Daisy is terrific and she’ll go coaching and I understand you’ve got to have a lady there but which bright spark at Channel 7 thought to get rid of (Carey) – he or she is wrong.”Hunt’s post on Facebook also took a swipe at the state of the game.“The air conveyance scientist who gave Carey the lemon to Saturday night on Channel Rex and gave Daisy … a wonderful lass … the main gig on Fridays is a gun,’’ Hunt wrote.“He … I assume … was forced into such a weak-gutted sit down and piss decision bypressure to have equal genders everywhere.“We, you and I, came from an era that is only a memory now.“Tough … relentless football. The game is a robotic, pre-planned … keeping’s off affair. The do-gooders have won.”

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