Skate 4 Footage, Map, and Online Feature Details Leak as Playtest Build is Cracked

Skate 4

EA and Canadian developer Full Circle recently opened up insider playtesting for the new Skate, but the details from that “pre-pre-pre-alpha” testing definitely hasn’t stayed “insider.” Over the past few days, numerous details have emerged from the playtests, painting the picture of a Skate more focused on online and social aspects, but that should deliver the core gameplay fans are looking for.

Per reports, the new Skate runs on the Frostbite engine, and the playtests took place in a limited open-world area called “Fun City.” The playtest still features untextured visuals, but apparently, the gameplay felt smooth, with plenty of returning tricks, and different control schemes (Classic, Streamlined, and Experienced) taking the place of difficulty settings. Fun City is said to contain some landmarks from past games, such as the Community Center from the first Skate, along with some new POIs. You can check out a leaked screenshot of the test map, below.

Skate 4

As for the structure of the new Skate, there is said to be a level system, with various cosmetics and gear being unlocked as you climb the ranks. Currently, up to 60 players can share a server, and clearly showing off your gear and skills will be a focus. To that end, video and image editing returns, and the best highlights might even be displayed on billboards around the map. Players will also have a home skate park, which you can build up and customize by collecting crafting materials and blueprints. Yes, that’s right, crafting in a skateboard game. What a time to be alive.

It isn’t just details that have been leaked from the Skate playtest. Apparently, the whole playtest demo has been cracked and some footage has made it online. You can check out the playtest’s intro here and a bit of gameplay here.

You can sign up for the Skate insider program here, although after all this, I have a feeling EA may be rethinking how much they share.

Platforms and a release window have yet to be revealed for the new Skate.

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