Spotify’s Friends Mix throws your pals’ music taste together in one playlist

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Spotify is building on its collaborative, friends-oriented features by generating a personalized playlist for you and your pals.

Friends Mix is an extension of Blend, the Spotify feature that merges the musical tastes of two users in one shared playlist. Users are also given a Taste Match score with this feature, displaying the percentage of music taste you and your friend share.

With Friends Mix, Spotify will take any Blends created with friends and create a personalized playlist for you. With Blends containing up to ten people (as of this March), the curated playlist they’re now offering will be more varied. To access a Friends Mix, you’ll need have created three two-person Blends.

Spotify has launched the feature for International Friendship Day, aiming to highlight the influence friendship can have on music. Their data shows that 11 million user-generated playlists on Spotify contain the word “friend”. Playlists like Dinner with Friends, Noche de Amigas, Bienvenido a La Friendzone, Folk & Friends and Weekends + Friends continue to soar in popularity.

How do I get my Spotify Friends Mix?

Well, you start by making a Blend. Here’s how.

  1. Type “Blend” into Spotify’s search tab. Click on the Blend icon and invite a friend.

  2. After said friend accept the invite, Spotify will generate your shared Blend playlist. This will consist of songs and recommendations for all those involved.

  3. Once you have at least three two-person Blends, you’ll be able to check out the Friends Mix, made for you. Head to the “Made for Us” hub and find the playlist featuring all the tunes that your circle enjoys.

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