Neighbours finale ‘unwatchable’ claim

Delta Goodrem, who played Nina Tucker, fondly reminisced about her time in Erinsborough, saying she felt nostalgic about it wrapping up on Channel 10 after 37 years on Thursday night.Recently named Australia’s first Revlon ambassador, Goodrem said she owed so much to the show that made her famous.Elsewhere Nicola Charles, who played bombshell Sarah Beaumont, the one time mistress of Dr Karl Kennedy, said just like Craig McLachlan she had been overlooked after getting “universally cancelled for speaking her truth” on Covid and vaccines.“I’ve been cancelled because I am unvaccinated,” Charles told Page 13.“In the end I felt relief that Sarah Beaumont had not been part of the shambles offered up as the last epidote of Neighbours. There was zero suspension of disbelief and no attempt to round off storylines or drag even theatre school level performances from the ‘actors’. Guy Pearce excepted. “Without his appearance it would have been unwatchable. As it were, Kylie may as well have bounced around and grinned on Zoom and it was heartbreaking to see Terry Donovan, a true gent and character of old, stuck on a BBQ chain only in a wide shot.”TEN REASONS FOR KYLIE’S FINALE SILENCE She came, she saw, she said nothing. Kylie Minogue returned to the cul-de-sac where it all began as her iconic character Charlene in the Neighbours finale on Thursday night, but the comeback was a largely silent affair. Why? Here 10 possible reasons Charlene said zip during her long-awaited homecoming: 1. Charlene and Scott had a massive blue on the way to Ramsay St, and it was a classic cold shoulder power move.2. Botox.3. Nobody could understand her Queensland accent, so her planned 10 page soliloquy was spiked.4. She was trying to calculate the distance from Erinsborough to Fountain Lakes in her head.5. Charlene has an alter ego as a pop superstar and showgirl and she was trying to save her voice. Too far fetched, right? As if. 6. Skyrocketing home loan inflation rates in Pin Oak Court, plus all the petrol money to get there. And don’t get Charls started on level crossings. 7. For some reason, Bouncer wasn’t responding to her calls and whistles.8. Guy Pearce got all the good lines.9. Charlene secretly lives in Summer Bay and she couldn’t fess up.10. Reality show producers oversaw Charlene’s scenes and gave her a “bad edit.”

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