‘Flat-lined’: Concerns over Aussie Covid booster rollout

Around five million people received a second dose more than six months ago but have not come back for a booster shot, Mark Butler told ABC Radio.“The third booster dose rates have flatlined, which is something I’m very concerned about,” Mr Butler said.The minister said the population had split into a group that had been quick to receive a fourth dose and a group still reluctant to take their first booster.“The fourth dose program’s going very well. Since we expanded that a few weeks ago we’ve been seeing more than half a million people get that fourth dose every week,” Mr Butler said.“But I am worried about the third dose.”There was still no clear pattern visible as Covid became endemic in Australia, Mr Butler said.He ruled out a change “any time soon” to the seven-day isolation period.“I know there’s a bit of public debate about whether we should drop the days from seven to five as is the case in the US,” he said.COVID-19 Stats – Horizontal with Lazy Load“But there’s still a lot of data that shows that on day six and day seven people are still highly infectious.“I think this is something obviously like everything that will continue to be closely monitored by the chief health officers as they come together and others as well.”It comes after Victorian chief health officer Brett Sutton said leaving doors and windows open along with other ventilation improvements could have equal impact to increasing booster vaccinations.“The risk of Covid spreading in crowded indoor spaces is much higher than outdoors,” Prof Sutton said.“There are simple things you can do to improve ventilation and make your space more Covid-safe.”Victoria recorded 6,261 new cases on Saturday, the lowest number since June 25. Sadly, 24 people died.

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