The Reviews Don’t Lie—These 29 Nordstrom Jeans Are Best, Period.

I have a love-hate relationship with jeans. On one hand, they’re my favorite thing to wear. On the other, they can be extremely difficult to shop for. Everyone has a denim horror story, jumping up and down in the fitting room struggling to make a pair you so desperately wanted to work fit your body. While I’ve had my fair share of traumatic middle school fitting room experiences with low-rise jeans, I’ve come to figure out a personal life hack when it comes to shopping for denim. All you have to do is read the reviews. 

Although no one knows your style and body better than you do, shoppers around the world more than likely have the same concerns when it comes to jeans. Is the wash unflattering? Are they too long? Will they uncomfortably pinch your waist? While you can’t exactly know how jeans will fit them until you try it on, you can get a head start on figuring out which pairs are better than others by reading what other people think of them. That’s where Nordstrom comes in. 

Nordstrom’s no-frills rating and reviewing system is a lifesaver when it comes to finding jeans. After combing through reviews to find a pair myself for an upcoming trip I’m taking, I knew I had to share my full-proof system for finding the best jeans. From low-cost, high-joy pairs to denim that has hundreds of glowing reviews, these 29 pairs passed my personal test. Scroll through to discover the highest ranked jeans on Nordstrom.

You never have to take your jeans to get hemmed ever again with this pair. One reviewer was “Thrilled that they aren’t too short, nor too long.”

One reviewer said they wish they could wear them every day. 

Need a shockingly good pair of jeans? Two reviewers wrote that they were pleasantly surprised at how good these are given the price compared to other mid-range denim brands. 

“I could sleep in them,” wrote one Nordstrom buyer who raved about this pair’s comfort level.

Good American always makes the best plus-size jeans. If you won’t take it from the 4 star rating of this pair, take it from me: I own these and I wear them almost every day. 

These jeans have the power to convert anyone to be a MOTHER denim fan, per one review. 

When buying denim, it’s always important to make sure your investment isn’t going to shrink, bleed, or shrivel up in the wash. One reviewer raved about how these jeans hold up despite wearing them all the day and throwing them in her laundry machine whenever.

Nordstrom buyers love how high-waisted these jeans sit, giving the illusion of longer lengs. 

For fans of retro-looking pairs, these Free People jeans are worth the money: “Love the hippie look, it’s so hard to find jeans like this.”

If there’s one thing you need to know about jeans, it’s the Levi’s makes some of the best affordable pairs in the game. This pair has nearly 30 glowing reviews.

Someone called this pair the best jeans ever. 

According to a few reviews, these jeans are extremely flattering on curvy and hourglass body types.

This pair may have the best five-star review I’ve seen on Nordstrom ever: “These jeans are extremely comfortable! Not to mention soft. To be completely honest I ordered these one night online after taking my sleeping meds.. I woke up and thought “well that was an expensive buy, guess I’ll just try them on and see..” 

These jeans are total compliment magnets, according to one review.

The people don’t lie—this pair has over 600 reviews and counting, making it one of the most purchased pairs I’ve seen so far.

One pro-tip, according to this reviewer: “Turn inside out when washing in cold water or hand wash with gentle wash and the color will stay crisper longer.”

If you love baggy dad jeans, you’ll love this pair. 

Someone wrote that these were the best-fitting jeans they own, hands down. 

If you’re scared of trying on jeans, this pair is for you: “These jeans have changed my experience from dread to enjoyment when it comes to wearing denim.”

Don’t let the name of this pair turn you off. According to reviews, this pair makes you look snatched.

Despite these jeans being on the pricier side, one reviewer wrote that their Nordstrom stylist reminded them how good of an investment these jeans were. Now, they’re the reviewer’s new favorite jeans. Win win!

These are cool girl jeans, per one reviewer.

If you need a pair of jeans that crosses all its T’s and dots all its I’s, look no further: “These are by far the best jeans I own, and I own a lot of jeans. They check every box off. The color is a light on trend flattering one. The style is loose but not sloppy. The rise is a bit high but not up to your chest high,” wrote one reviewer.

These jeans are an absolute steal for the price. With more than 400 reviews and 4.4 stars, you simply can’t go wrong. 

This review speaks for itself: “So flattering. On trend, comfortable, and versatile. Perfect 10/10.”

Someone called these the best plus-size jeans they own.

According to one review, this pair is “absolute perfection.”

If you’re someone who constantly is hunting down your perfect jeans, take it from this reviewer when they say this is their go-to pair now: “I tried BDG jeans, Levi’s jeans, ZARA jeans and other styles of Madewell but [this] style is my hands down favorite.”

While someone said they were obsessed with the fit on this pair, the bright blue is what won them over. 

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