CBS Meteorologist Reveals the Reason Behind Her Sudden Collapse on Live TV (VIDEO)

As TGP’s Jim Hoft reported, a seemingly healthy Los Angeles-based meteorologist suddenly collapsed Saturday morning on live television.

Alissa Carlson Schwartz led the KCAL newscast with a weather update about the impending rain in Los Angeles. However, she passed out before she could even begin her report.

Her horrified colleagues, Nichelle Medina and Rachel Kim, immediately cut to commercial once they realized what had happened.


Watch: Relieved to report that CBS LA meteorologist Alissa Carlson Schwartz says she is “going to be OK” after this scary moment when she fainted live on air this morning. The show went to a break as colleagues rushed to help her.

— TV News Now (@TVNewsNow) March 19, 2023

While some speculated at the time Schwartz’s previously diagnosed heart condition was the culprit behind her collapse, no official diagnosis was rendered.

Her heart condition turned out to be unrelated to her fainting. Schwartz went on CBS Mornings Tuesday and revealed to host Gayle King that she was diagnosed with Vasovagal syncope, a common cause of fainting that affects one-third of all Americans at some point in their lives.


According to the Mayo Clinic, Vasovagal syncope occurs when the human body “overreacts to certain triggers, such as the sight of blood or extreme emotional distress.”

The vasovagal syncope trigger can cause one’s heart rate and blood pressure to drop suddenly. This leads to reduced blood flow to the brain and can cause a sudden loss of consciousness.

John Hopkins Medicine says that the most common trigger is a combination of dehydration and upright posture. Pale skin, yawning, slow pulse, and profuse sweating are common symptoms before an attack occurs according to the Cleveland Clinic.

Schwartz told CBS Mornings that she woke up feeling “fine” and was okay until 15 minutes prior to her collapse. She then said she started to feel “a little nausea” but thought she could “power through” after going to the restroom.

She acknowledged that she did not eat anything prior to work and drank “a lot of coffee” so she was dehydrated.

Schwartz said she was feeling fine now but said the incident was a signal that she needed to take better care of herself. She also warned viewers about the importance of staying hydrated and taking care of their bodies before it’s too late.

Sometimes we put ourselves last, we go go go, until something happens and then it’s too late.

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