Abxylute Cloud Gaming Console Releases Today, Early Bird Pricing Set At $199

abxylute (pronounced as “absolute”), a Canada/China-based technology company, releases the new handheld cloud-based gaming console, offering an affordable yet powerful alternative to Logitech’s G Cloud console and other mobile devices’ cloud gaming systems. The crowdfunding campaign is now on Kickstarter with $199 early bird pricing and an expected MSRP of $249 at complete launch.

abxylute brings power and affordability to cloud gaming handhelds with its initial cloud system

Earlier this month, we reviewed the new cloud gaming system and were impressed by its overall performance. The system was very light and allowed for cloud gaming anywhere, with many services. The handheld allows its users to connect to NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW, Xbox Cloud Gaming, PS Plus Gaming, and Steam Play (and its open-source alternative Moonlight), as well as offer the capability to connect to Google Play services and emulate older gaming systems up to earlier PlayStation consoles (with additional software installed by the user).

The company believes cloud gaming is the future and strives to push that belief into its new system. The battle of constant physical upgrades to systems to increase memory and storage becomes expensive to the end user, especially when upgrading handheld consoles is much more complex than a standard desktop computer system. With the company’s new cloud gaming handheld, many extra costs are eliminated thanks to connecting to virtual systems to game in the home or on the go. The abxylute handheld offers a 1080p @ 60fps gaming experience on its 7-inch LTPS display and 2×2 MIMO WiFi capability. Through our use, the signal never dropped throughout the test environment, and on the go was great using our test phone mobile hotspot.

The launcher was very polished even with the prototype version delivered to reviewers. Applications experienced zero lag upon starting. The only frustrations met were having to close one app to open another. It was a minor hassle, but it made sense so the system could devote most of its energy to whatever platform and game you would be playing.

Image source: abxylute

Battery life is fantastic at up to eight hours (depending on use), with little to no heat dissipation from the system. The weight of 430g was less than the Nintendo Switch and its 475g weight. Logitech’s G Cloud fell between the two systems, but abxylute won in the lightweight category for game systems.

At abxylute, we believe that gaming should be for everyone. We are excited to offer abxylute to the market and believe it will revolutionize the gaming industry by making high-quality, affordable gaming more accessible than ever before.”

— Mark, one of the spokespeople at abxylute

A great feature the company notes is that players who might be on the fence about purchasing a game title from any companies mentioned can play it in a cloud format. This increases the chances of a user making an educated purchase knowing that their game will be what they expected or will find out that the game is not for them. Plus, if they are on a budget and cannot pay the cost of games, having a cloud device to subscribe to their chosen service(s) is a tremendous budgetary option for newer gamers.

The abxylute system is available now on Kickstarter, with early bird pricing starting at $199. The company anticipates shipping to begin in May 2023. You can find out more about abxylute on their official website.

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