Extend the Productivity of Your New MacBook with Mobile Pixels’ Lightweight, Detachable Dual Monitors

New Macs are rarely fun now since you don’t get that excitement of using a new laptop as everything looks and feels the same. Sure, improved specs and whatnot, but visually, it’s kind of a bummer regardless of how excited YouTubers are about the new release (eye-roll emoji?). But this is precisely why the accessory market is booming! There’s never been so much pressure on the auxiliary products to fill up the “excitement” quota. Things get even more fun when that product can fill up both the excitement and productivity voids!

Wondering what should be your new (or old) laptop’s best friend? Meet Mobile Pixels, a company that is creating brilliant portable screens that are compatible with macOS, Windows, Android, Nintendo Switch, and more.

DUEX PLUS portable dual monitor: lightweight, auto-rotation, quick connectivity

Mobile Pixels offers a slew of products that fit different requirements, but the one common thing in almost all products is the ability to make work easier and more productive on the go. Our favorite pick from the lineup is the DUEX PLUS, a 13.3-inch monitor that is perfect for 13-14″ laptops but can work with bigger machines, as well.

Its plug-n-play setup with detachable magnet connectivity makes it easy to carry or leave the monitor behind, making it a truly portable gaming and work solution.

Some of its highlights include:

Sliding dual monitor setup is perfect for tons of scenarios, even for moving it outwards to share the screen with someone else. Unlimited work and play modes!
Multi-Device Compatibility: Second monitor for laptops, Nintendo Switch, and Samsung DeX-supported devices.
Hybrid-Signal Input: Quick connectivity with any laptop with a USB-C or USB-A port (included in the package).
Lightweight: Only 1.3lbs.
DisplayPort-enabled USB-C port allows ultra-fast video transmission.

Whether you work out of coffee shops, are a digital nomad, or need a dual monitor for your home office, DUEX PLUS is easily the “it” product for any laptop you use.

Mobility Bundle

Priced originally at $399.99, Mobile Pixels is offering a 25% discount on DUEX PLUS, which means you can get yourself this super useful product for $299.99 with free shipping and returns. The company also offers a “Try Before You Buy” program that reflects its confidence in its products. Explore more options, including the just-released 2×24″ Geminos Stacked Monitor and the 14.1″ TRIO MAX over at the official store.

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