iOS 16.5 Beta 1 Allows You To Start A Screen Recording Using Siri

Siri is considered to be miles behind the competition, and with the recent boom of AI-powered chatbots, Apple has its work cut out for it. Thankfully, there have been improvements made to the company’s voice assistant in the latest iOS 16.5 Beta 1, where you can tell Siri a command to start a screen recording.

Starting a screen recording using Siri still requires the user to trigger the feature using a long voice command

In the video given that was uploaded by 9to5Mac, you can see that the latest iOS 16.5 Beta 1 enables Siri to start video recording using a specific command. Unfortunately, at this time, the command is rather long, requiring you to speak the phrase ‘Siri‌, start a screen recording.’ Now, there are two ways to turn off screen recording.

Either you can use the iPhone’s Control Center and tap on the button to stop screen recording, or you can tell Siri to ‘Stop the screen recording.’ It is unclear if and when Apple officially launches iOS 16.5, will users have the option to reduce the exact wordings of the Siri command to start a screen recording.

At this time, the phrase to trigger the feature is a little long, and even if it is not for some users, those words need to be specifically heard by the voice assistant to commence and stop the feature. With the experience that we have had with Siri, the vocals need to be louder than usual when telling it to perform a specific task, and when the background noise is higher, it becomes more difficult for the voice assistant to listen to your words clearly.

Regardless, we still consider this an improvement over the implementation level of Siri last time. In case you are wondering, if you commanded the voice assistant in a previous iOS update to start a screen recording, Siri would either do a web search or tell you that no such app is installed. While we should see room for improvement in the updates after iOS 16.5 Beta 1, this is a positive start.

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