MSI A620 Motherboard Listed For €87, Sub $100 US Pricing For Affordable AMD AM5 PCs

The first AMD AM5 motherboard featuring the entry-level A620 chipset has been listed by Slovakia retailer for a sub-$100 US price.

MSI’s AM5 Motherboard Featuring The Entry-Level AMD A620 Chipset Has Been Listed For €87 or Sub-$100 US Price

Retailer Edis Computers which is based in Slovakia has listed the MSI Pro A620M-E motherboard that utilizes the AMD AM5 socket and adopts the entry-level A620 chipset for just €87. That pricing is with VAT added so if we remove that, the price comes down to just €73 which equals $79 US. We can expect even lower pricing for this motherboard since this is a preliminary listing and you would also note that there are no pictures of the motherboard so we don’t know what kind of features it has to offer to users.

MSI’s A620 motherboard has appeared at an online retailer for a sub-$100 US pricing for entry-level AMD AM5 PC builds. (Image Credits: Momomo_US)

The MSI Pro A620M-E is listed as a Micro-ATX motherboard but once again, we can’t make up any more details unless we see the motherboard itself. For example, the ASRock motherboard we got to see yesterday comes in two flavors. One offers a heatsink with a better VRM delivery and the 2nd has no heatsinks for the VRM but also uses an inferior VRM delivery.

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In addition to these, a few Gigabyte models have also been confirmed through listing at the EEC (via Momom_US):

A620M C

Previous leaks have shown that the AMD A620 motherboard for the AM5 platform will feature 28 Gen 4 lanes, 8 Gen 3 lanes, 2 USB 3.2 Gen 1 ports, and 6 USB 2.0 ports. There will be no overclock support for the CPU but memory overclocking will be available and these boards will support the EXPO profiles though to what extent remains to be seen. The upcoming AMD Ryzen 7 7800X3D is going to make perfect sense with these boards as it isn’t necessarily designed with overclocking in mind but given its 120W TDP, it makes a perfect choice when paired with a $100 US board like this and provides insane gaming value.

Considering that the B650 offerings are now available at a starting price of $125 US, one would expect AMD to introduce A620 motherboards below $100 US. We have been told that the motherboards are being prepped for unveiling later this month with retail availability in April.

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