Samsung Hacks a Photobooth in London to Showcase Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Camera Prowess

When it comes to marketing, both Apple and Samsung are unparalleled, and it makes sense considering just how good their phones are in almost every single aspect. Sure, there have been controversies in the past, but if you manage to overlook those, you realize that these phones are excellent. Well, Samsung wanted to take things a step further, and in order to prove just how good the 200-megapixel ISOCELL camera is, the company decided to hack a photo booth in London, Piccadilly Circus.

Samsung really wants you to shift to the Galaxy S23 Ultra if you want to take stunning pictures

Now, one thing to make not of here is that the company did not put an actual Galaxy S23 Ultra in the photobooth. Instead, they used the sensor found in the phone and placed it in the photobooth along with all the necessary tech to make it work.

You can see the video below.

Once the camera was placed, the company then moved the photo booth to Londo Picadilly Circus and even marked it as “ISOCELL Photobooth.” And while the crowd entered expecting a simple picture with a camera that is normally of really poor quality, what they received instead were pictures taken using Samsung’s 200-megapixel ISOCELL camera. Not just that, these pictures were then displayed on a massive billboard screen with people reacting to the pictures.

Sadly, Samsung has removed the ISOCELL photobooth but the company has promised that they will be bringing this attraction back on April 15 and 16, next month. The ISOCELL HP2 is currently exclusive to the Galaxy S23 Ultra and while I did not get my hands on Samsung’s latest flagship, I do know that the phone is capable of presenting some really stunning images. As with cameras with many megapixels, the ISOCELL HP2 can deliver massive 200-megapixel photos, 50-megapixel binned photos, or 12-megapixel binned photos based on your preference. That combined with Expert RAW integration and you have a solid all-rounder at hand.

Honestly, Samsung showcasing the camera prowess of the Galaxy S23 Ultra should not really surprise anyone. Two independent camera review sites already gave us an understanding of just how good the cameras are and while we do understand the fact the fake moon-shot controversy might raise some questions for users who are thinking about buying this phone, if you are looking for something that generally outputs excellent photos, I cannot think of a better contender, at least not the one that runs Android.

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