Google will Soon Show Excessive Heat Warnings in Search So People to Stay Safe During Extreme Heat Waves

Over the past couple of years, the battle against climate change in the tech world has only gotten bigger and bigger. With several companies like Apple and Samsung taking the initiative to reduce their emissions and make the world a better, more habitable place. Google is one of them, and to make things better for the users and help them protect themselves, the company is going to introduce a new feature in Search that will start showing excessive heat warnings.

Google wants to make sure users are protecting themselves against heatwaves, in addition to showing them ways to remain cool and healthy

The feature is not live at the moment. But Google has said that it will be available in the next couple of months. For those wondering how it works, Google Search will start showing information on excessive heat, whether the temperature goes beyond what is normally acceptable. The search engine giant will be taking help from Global Heat Health Information Network (GHHIN). The purpose is simple– to help people protect themselves whenever there is a heat wave going on. Users will also be given information on how to keep their temperatures on the lowers side.

Google has not announced when this feature would be rolling out, but we expect the features to be coming out soon. Perhaps somewhere around summer. In addition to the heat wave warnings, Google has pledged to donate $5 million to World Resources Insititute. With this donation, the institute will be able to make significant changes to ensure that there is significant protection against heat. Not just that, the donation will also allow the institute to use advancements such as satellite imagery, artificial intelligence, as well as sensors to make an impact.

While Google’s donations and the promise to make this world a better place and ensure that climate change is not as severe as it is at the moment. It is still important to point out that this is just a small brick in an otherwise massive wall. All the megacorporations in the world need to come together to ensure that the effects of climate change are properly mitigated so the current and future generations have a better chance of survival and life on earth is just as habitable as it should be.

We will keep you posted once the excessive heat warning feature starts rolling out to Google Search around the world. Till then, stay tuned.

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