PS5 Slim Possibly Listed by Major Australian Retailer; Mentions “The New Look, Slimmer PlayStation 5”

A major Australian retailer has possibly listed the rumored PS5 Slim model.

The listing has surfaced on the website of Australian retailer The Good Guys – a major chain of consumer electronics stores in Australia. New images of the supposed new Slim model can be found on the store, but the listing does make mention of a “new look” and “slimmer PlayStation 5”.

“The new look, slimmer PlayStation 5 – incredibly vivid, vibrant colours with breathtaking HDR visuals and immersion – whether you’re gaming or streaming movies and TV shows”, the description of the listing reads.

We’ve included a screenshot of the listing down below in case the retailer decides to pull the listing.

Perhaps someone jumped the gun and put up the listing too early. Of course, it should also just be a placeholder page that the retailer created following recent rumors about Sony launching a PS5 Slim model. Late last year, sources from outlet The Leak reportedly mentioned the new Slim model, which features a shrunken die to be able to reduce the size of the console. In addition to being smaller and thinner, the PlayStation 5 Slim is said to consume less power and will run cooler.

Also, the sources mentioned that the Slim model won’t require a stand to be placed horizontally.

Of course, as with all these kinds of rumors, take this and the above-mentioned listing with a pinch of salt for now as Sony hasn’t officially confirmed the existence of a PS5 model. On the other hand, all of Sony’s previous consoles have received slim models in some form – the PS One, The PlayStation 2 Slimline, the PlayStation 3 Slim, the PS3 Super Slim, and the PS4 Slim. As such, it will only make sense for Sony to introduce a slim model, especially a many players find the current model to be quite massive.

We’ll update you as soon as more information about this rumored PS5 Slim model comes in. For now, stay tuned and discuss this rumored thinner, less heavy, and smaller model down below.

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